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iBuddy: Humancare Firmware

IsoPro Labs has found the cure for loneliness with their newest innovation: the iBuddy, a prescribed care-companion for people living in isolation. Audience members are greeted as volunteer trainers who have been brought in for their valuable expertise in being-human. They are gathered on zoom to help with the final phase of training of the new iBuddy prototypes, who are played by live actors. Blending theatre and game play, audience members are broken into small groups to tackle five rounds of training in hopes of their iBuddy graduating from prototype to fully commissioned iBuddy

Duration: 75 min

CREATED BY: Arlo Howard and Ella Raymont

FEATURING: Emily Marso, Collin Quinn Rice, Samantha Sayah, Michael Turrentine and Kelsey Vanvoorst


iBuddy is a highly interactive experience. It invites audience to speak, share, and participate. We encourage people to attend with mic and video on. The content of iBuddy includes subjects of loneliness, isolation, simulated AI, robots, asteroids, and distant imagined futures.

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