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Photos by Cody Jolly Photography  

Fifty Shades of Shakespeare

created and developed by Jess Shoemaker and (re)discover theatre
Directed by Arlo Howard
[February 5- 28 2016]

with (re)discover theatre

In Fifty Shades of Shakespeare, four actors learn all the roles in 12 of Shakespeare's sexiest / most romantic scenes. The audience chooses at random who plays each role each night. The format of the show allows us to explore sexuality in a healthy way and open up conversation about gender. This show is especially fun because, being in a bar, it draws audiences that are not usual theatre goers. It is a joy to watch audiences have fun with Shakespeare. While everyone is having a blast, they are also getting great messages about breaking down gender roles.

"should not be immersive experience and a fun - you will enjoy 50 Shades of Shakespeare"

- Buzz Chicago


Jesse Hinton
Zachary Lee Schley
Kelly Schmidt
Shaina Schrooten

Arlo Howard: Director / Costume Designer
Paul Hovey: Stage Manager
Abby Gillette: Assistant Stage Manager
Jack Wallace: Text Coach
Molly H Donahue: Fight Director / Assistant Director
Andrew Lund: Choreographer
Laura Wiley: Lighting Designer
Tristan Brandon: Props Designer
Matt Wills: Sound Designer

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