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Photos by Cody Jolly Photography  


a series of plays built for an audience of one


Experience Director Arlo Howard

[August 30 - September 30, 2017]

with (re)discover theatre

FOR ONE was a visceral fifty minute event comprised of five plays, built for an audience of one. There were two disKnct tracks to choose from. Each play was its own adventure, creating a blend of breath-taking imagery, auditory, and inKmate encounters. FOR ONE empowered its audience to affect the outcome of each play. (re)discover took over the historic Gunder Mansion, filling each room with a unique theatrical event. Audiences entered as a group of ten and were then guided through five distinctive, individual experiences. Each door in the mansion opened onto a world all its own. A world that put the audience in an essential role. The creators of FOR ONE were inspired by the opportunities offered with a live solo audience. When creating each director asked themselves how to empower our audience.

"each room feels like a special customizable adventure

"you’re immediately drawn into the midst of action"

- Buzz Chicago

"a kaleidoscope of deeply personal, wildly varied experiences that allow audience members to make choices that affect the

outcome of the stories

"haunting, soothing, unsettling, hearfelt, sad, and so much more

-Splash Magazine 

"No one individual will have the same adventure"

- Picture This Post

"an alluring, challenging, highly imaginative playground"

- Chicago Reader


Devised by Ann Kreitman and Mary O'Rourke               

Ann Kreitman - Director/Devisor
Mary O'Rourke - Choreographer
Lara Dohner - Actor
Karissa Murrell Myers - Actor
Ligia Sandoval - Actor


The Higher-Ups   
Directed and Written by Alejandro Tey   

Alejandro Tey - Director/Writer
Aissa Guerra - Actor
Rejinal Simon - Actor

Created by Julian Stroop                             

Julian Stroop - Director/Writer
Zach Schley - Actor
Kelly Schmidt - Actor
Eric Parmer - Actor

Memory Now
Written by Ned Baker
Directed and Devised by Matt Wills                            

Matt Wills - Director/Devisor
Ned Baker - Writer/Devisor
Phil Vasquez - Actor
Becky Blomgren - Actor

Created by Shaina Schrooten                             

Shaina Schrooten - Creator/Director
Yana Atim - Actor

Take Care of Yourself
Conceived by Avi Roque and Genvieve Locksley
Directed by Freddy-May AbiSamra                           

Avi Roque - Conceiver
Genvieve Locksley - Conceiver
Freddy-May AbiSamra - Director
Selene Perez - Actor


The Guest    
Written by Kaitlin Gilgenbach
Directed by Molly Donahue                   

Kaitlin Gilgenbach - Writer
Molly Donahue - Director/Developer
Lara Carling - Actor
August Rain Stamper - Actor
Erika Lebby - Actor


The Woman in Waiting
Devised by Melissa McNamar                 

Melissa McNamara - Devisor, Actor, Movement Director
Nelia Miller - Understudy


Touching but Separate
Co-created by Andrew Lund and Spencer Ryan Diedrick
Written by Michael Turrentine           

Anderw Lund - Co-Creator
Spencer Ryan Dedrick - Co-Creator
Michael Turrentine - Actor/Writer



Jay Van Ort - Actor Guide
Sonja Mata - Actor Guide
Song Marshall - Actor Guide


Arlo Howard - Experience Director / Costume Designer
Claire Chrzan - Production Manager
Autumn McGarr - Stage Manager
Sarai Moore - Assistant Stage Manager
Berit Godo - Assistant Stage Manager
Tristan Chiruvolu - Assistant Stage Manager
Alex Meyer - Assistant Stage Manager

Ellie Humphrys - Lighting Designer
John Kelly - Lighting/Projections Designer
Archer Curry - Set/Props Designer
Sydney Achler - Set/Props Designer
Matt Reich - Sound Designer
Joshua Wentz - Composer
Pamela Davis - (re)discover lifeline

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