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Photos by Israel Solórzano

The Grimm Experience

(The Brotherhood)


Created by: 
Arlo Howard, Philo Van Kemenade, Alice Bleton, Nathanaël Bez, Alexander Gierholz, Karlie Blair, Thibault LievreFanny Pascaud, Pamina de Hauteclocque

[November 25, 2018]

Le Secret, Paris, France

The Paris Immersive Creation Challenge

Hosted by Epic Immersive, Madame Lupin, and Le Secret

November 24th and 25th, 2018


International artists gather in Paris for an immersive theatrical "hackathon", a 48-hour sprint to create a new immersive experience. Participants will show off their individual talents, then work together to create new scenes and experiences, with guest artists from San Francisco's Epic Immersive and Paris' Madame Lupin leading the process. On Sunday evening, the new work inspired by the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm was presented to the Parisian public.

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