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Photos by Alexa Rhoads

The Liminal House of the Adjudicate

[May 31 - June 2, 2019]

with Epic Immersive's Underland

We’re so glad you’ve finally made it. We’ve been waiting a lifetime for you. Descend through time and space on your way to the hereafter. As you journey beyond the veil, the Adjudicate has a laid out ritual tests of truth and value to see how your life measures up. Can you tip the scales to win favor? Come play this hour long interactive experience led by international immersive theatre director/creator Arlo Howard (London), written by Kaitlin Gilgenbach (Los Angeles), and starring Shaina Shrooten (Chicago). This international team is bringing you a personalized experience that is to die for.

The Artists:

Arlo Howard (Director/Creator) London-based, international immersive, interactive, and site-specific director, creator, consultant, and producer. Since 2012, Arlo has served as Co-Artistic director with (re)discover theatre in Chicago, producing eighteen shows, eight large events, and ongoing programing. Arlo's background in dance and design creates highly visual and multi-sensory experiences. Currently, Arlo is studying immersive theatre in London, focusing on accessibility in immersive forms. Arlo has trained with Punchdrunk, Third Rail Projects, The Neo Futurist, Frantic Assembly, and has worked with Blast Theory.

Kaitlin Gilgenbach (Writer) grew up in a strange place far, far away called Florida. She journeyed to Chicago-land, when she was invited to toil away at Northwestern University. Many of Kaitlin’s wishes have come true: Her musical, The Guide to Being Single (co-written by Alexi Sanchez), was produced by Underscore Theatre in Chicago, at the New York Musical Theatre Festival, and by the Starbuck Theatre Company in the UK. She’s been a member of The New Colony’s Writers’ Room, as well as a writer for their Associate Company. She’s had scripts workshopped at Piven Theatre, The Annoyance, and (re)discover theatre, where she's an ensemble member.

Shaina Shrooten (The Adjudicate/Co-Creator) is a Chicago-based actor, diviser, collaborator, and teaching artist. She is beyond excited to be working in San Francisco for the first time with the wonderful Arlo Howard, and on one of her favorite forms of performance- immersive theatre. Previous immersive shows she has worked on with Arlo include Masque Macabre (based off of Edgar Allan Poe stories) with Chicago's Strawdog Theatre Company, and Farewell My Friend (based off of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet) with (re)discover Theatre. Check out www.shainaschrooten.comfor more credits, film clips, and upcoming news! 

Shemekka Proud (Costume Designer)

Amada Piedra (Headdress Designer) is a Spanish actress and set and costume designer based in London. She studied Acting at the Centre for Theatre Research La Manada in Madrid and took various courses in Fencing and Dramaturgy. She is currently studying her last year of Theatre Arts [Design and Technical Theatre] at Middlesex University where she has been the costume designer and maker for Israel Horovitz’s Rats, Alfred Jarry’s King Ubu and Reginald Rose’s 12 Angry Men. She has collaborated with The Out of Work Collective in the design and making of the set for the musical Ordinary days. Amada is one of the founders and the designer of Goat Theatre, an international theatre company of young artists based in London. Goat Theatre is currently developing a show called Everyman which will be performed at the Primorski Poletni Festival in Slovenia and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Amada has also performed in theatres such as Teatros Luchana, Teatro Tribueñe and Teatro Kubik Fabrik in Madrid.

Cecía Léon-Alvarez (Workshop Assistant Director)

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