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Adapted by E.K. Dagenfield

Directed by Janet Howe
[April 10-27, 2014]

with (re)discover theatre

"stays true to its ancient Greek origins: it's rude, crude, and hilarious... The gender-bending cast appears to be having a terrific time" - Chicago Reader


"one of the funniest and strangely erotic sex scenes I have ever seen on a Chicago stage... If you are looking for an hour of goofy fun with both a classical unpinning and a happy ending, this show is for you" -Chicago Stage Standard

This production accentuated the ridiculous nature of gender roles. Audience members could choose the buy their ticket as either a ‘Man’ or a ‘Woman’. Audience members who chose to come as a ‘man’ were asked to arm wrestle a greeter to prove they are strong enough to be a man. Those who came as a ‘woman’ were given a lipstick and asked to put it on to look presentable. They had to then be escorted to a further away entrance; paralleling how women often have to work twice as hard to get to where a man is. The audience members were set in separate banks of seats where certain parts of the play were played specifically for them. The cast contained both male and female identified actors playing ‘men’ and ‘women’. The actors playing Lysistrata and the Magistrate would swap roles every other night to further the gender play. The play was set in the 1950’s pulling on pop art style to create a cartoonish world. The goal here was to really emphasize the ridiculous nature of the role society asks us all to play.

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